Hi, I’m Haddon Chippington Derrick, a software engineer based in the south east of England. I make games unprofessionally, and plenty of other things besides when there’s money in it. I’m currently writing a game and, while I’m not expecting to show it here in the immediate future, I would like to share some engineering details and discussion.

Partly inspired by Casey Muratori’s educational Handmade Hero1 project, I am striving to produce something approaching a modern, high-quality 3D game without use of an existing engine. While I’m not trying to write the game strictly 100% from scratch, my objective is to intimately understand each component that goes into it. To be clear, this approach is an exercise in self-improvement (not to mention self-indulgence) and I am under no illusion that this game will benefit as a result. I do, however, believe that a tool is best used when it is understood, and I hope that this journey will empower me to build greater things, on whatever foundations are appropriate.

By documenting the (hopefully) interesting challenges along the way, I hope to crystallize some of my thoughts and opinions for my own benefit and, being optimistic, I’d like to help or perhaps inspire others to re-invent some of their own wheels. Oh, and should I happen to impress a would-be employer or collaborator with a few tales of great engineering prowess and derring-do, I’ll consider that a happy side effect. 😉

  1. This epic (in the true sense of the word) undertaking to record and stream the entire development of a game with live narration and explanation can be found here. While the utility of Handmade Hero as a course in game development is somewhat limited by the fact that it consists of over six hundred hours of video (and counting), I have to credit Casey as a strong influence on both the technical direction of my own game project, and my perspective on software development today. 

last updated: 2017 04 17